Fuel Blending Metering System Fabrication

Fuel Transfer System Configurations

    Metering Skid - Bottom or Top Truck Unloading Skid

    A Metering Skid is the solution for full custody transfer of your fuel to your customer. This system is designed to deliver the fuel at your determined flow rate and is compliant with all standard Local and Federal Codes for fuel handling. Your Metering Skid can accomplish the fuel loading in a safe efficient manner to the truck via top or bottom access fill point and can be designed and made to operate manually or fully automated.

    Blending Skid - Bottom or Top Truck Loading Skid

    Your Fuel Blending Skid is custom designed to provide custody transfer of blended fuel in ratios that range from 1% - 99% while fully compliant with all standard Local and Federal Codes for fuel handling. The Blending Skid is a self-contained mounted safe efficient solution for fuel blending of multiple products as well. The blended fuel is derived through a predetermined recipe entered into a digitally controlled PLC or Programmable Logic Controller. An example of a fuel delivered by the Blending Skid: 1.) Plus (89 octane) gasoline with 10% ethanol. This is accomplished by blending 87 with 93 while ratio blending ethanol at 10%. The Blending Skid can also be designed to inject additives at the same time of the fuel blending. Your system will meet the requirements for your blended fuel truck loading via bottom or top access fill point.


    A Transloader System can make the operation of transloading fuel from railcar-to-truck as safe and efficient as possible while being ergonomically correct for your operator. It does not matter if your site is a small spot or a large terminal the design can be scaled to meet your needs.  Your Transloader can be designed and fabricated as a mobile/wheeled or stationary unit that is fully compliant with all standard Local and Federal Codes for fuel handling. The system can be designed for manual or fully automated operation and equipped with wireless integration of custody transfer accounting of truck loading if needed.  We can produce transloader systems for use with biodiesel, ethanol, petro fuels and any other alternative fuel.

    Unit Train - Loading and Unloading

    CP&R has the knowledge and expertise to provide a turn-key solution for your unit train railcar loadout or unloading needs. Your Unit Train solution:

         Will incorporate the logistics necessary to accomplish the task within available
         turnaround time window to avoid demurrage fees.

         Will provide the necessary operator safety equipment for top-of-railcar access.

         Will include the required railcar spill containment per SPCC rules.

         May incorporate single or multiple railcar loading or unloading spots.

         May include custody transfer metering of the railcar Loading or unloading.

         Unit Train site may have unloaded fuel storage.

         Unit Train solution can be manual or fully automated loading or unloading.

         Unit Train solution may include a Terminal Automation System accounting for overall
         site process management.

    Terminal Automation System

    CP&R can integrate a TAS – Terminal Automation System for complete site fuel management. Your TAS may be a simple system that accounts for the custody transfer monitoring of truck loading or it may incorporate all of the necessary equipment and hardware to operate and monitor the site from a remote location via the internet.

    The configurations shown above are examples of the systems we have produced but each new project brings it’s own unique requirements.  With regard to systems of this type there is no such thing as an “off-the-rack” solution so we will start your project with a clean sheet of paper ensuring that current resources, conditions and variables are taken into consideration when designing your system.

    Bulk fuel transfer is serious business.  You deserve nothing less than a 100% custom system fabricated and assembled by skilled craftsmen using only the best components.  In addition, your project goals will be realized when we deliver your new system on time and within budget.

    Contact Carolina Piping And Rigging today to discuss your project goals,
    we are ready to listen.

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