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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy a Fuel Skid from your company?

A: After obtaining information from you with regard to your situation, desired system specifications and your project goals we will start with a clean sheet of paper to design a system that will fill your needs, operates safely and will be "transparent" in your operation as a whole.  We also offer full shop/site fabrication, equipment setting, process piping and site preparation services.  This means we can provide a true "One Stop" solution from initial design and planning to turn key, we can do it all.  We welcome your inquiries as to our expertise, capabilities and craftsmanship as we work with you to develop solutions for your needs.

Q: How do I determine which Fuel Skid I need to order?

A: We would ask that first you provide basic information about your situation and project goals via our
"Request For Quote" form.  Also, we have a “Pre-Sales Worksheet” which can be filled out and printed for reference.  This will allow us to make best use of your time when we take the next step by communicating via conference call.  Ultimately a visit to your plant site will be in order to see your project site first hand. 

Q: What are the things that you would need to know about my situation in order to provide a solution?

A: We have a brief questionnaire that is available on this site that has some basic questions that would be of benefit for the first conference call.

Q: Are your Fuel Skids manufactured to any specific standards?

A: Yes, all of the structure, piping as well as all of the manufactured components on the skid are made to ASTM, ASME, ANSI mechanical standards and NEC - UL/CUL electrical code, NTEP standard for Weights and Measures - all for petroleum handling. All of our welders are Certified according to the specific material type of pipe or structure that is being manufactured.

Q: Do you only produce Fuel Skids at Carolina Piping & Rigging?

A: No, Carolina Piping & Rigging provides complete turn-key solutions for your needs whether it is a single railcar-to-truck Transloader or an 80 Railcar Unit Train unloading and storage facility. We are able to help with site selection, landscaping/grading, rail spur and truck logistics/installation.  We can engineer, manufacture and install a complete facility that addresses environmental concerns, operator safety and is ergonomically correct while considering project schedule and budget.
Q: What is the process for placing an order with Fuel Skids of Carolina Piping & Rigging?

A: To begin, Carolina Piping & Rigging will consult with you to establish a proper Scope Of Work for your project. Once agreement is reached on the SOW, we will prepare a proposal/quote for what we will provide. If the quote is acceptable, then a Purchase Order will be issued by you to proceed. In approximately two (2) weeks after the Purchase Order is issued you/the customer will be sent Approval Drawings.  Your signature on the Approval Drawings authorizes CP&R to procure the necessary materials and equipment to begin fabrication. The manufacturing of your fuel skid usually takes eight (8) weeks. When the fabrication is complete arrangements are made for shipping the fuel skid to you. You will receive progress reports during the process by email. The process may be accelerated if the long-lead item's delivery can be improved. 

Q: Is it possible to purchase an "off-the-shelf" "standard model" Fuel Skid?

A: Many fuel skids seem similar in appearance and the sequence of the skid components are repeated for each unit, however we design each unit as unique for every customer. It is possible for us to provide a quote on a similar unit for you, but know that we do not inventory a "standard" fuel skid as every customer's needs differ.

Q: What are you limitations for manufacturing and installation for your units?

A: We are able to manufacture and ship any system for the US, Canadian and overseas markets if we have the proper specifications for fabrication. Although we can also provide installation, it is usually more cost effective for us to work with the local or regional contractor of your choice for those services.

Q: Are your Fuel Skid systems upgradable?

A: When we are determining your project Scope Of Work and are made aware of the desire to incorporate "future" enhancements to a "basic" unit ... we have the ability to design those improvements or additions into the first system in order that they can be incorporated at some future date. This is not an unusual request, but understand that this may incur some higher initial cost.

Q: What is your response time?

A: Our hours of operation for the office are from 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST Monday through Friday. Our website is in operation 24/7 and we respond to after-hour email requests the next business day. The response time for quotes is based on the Project Scope Of Work.

Hopefully these questions and answers will provide you with useful information to assist in the decision making process.  We are more than willing to provide any information or answer any question/concern you have.  Simply get in touch with us via our “Request For Quote” form, “Contact Page” or give us a call at:
(803) 428-4510, ask for Jim or Ken.  In the interest of making best use of your time we have made available a “Pre-Sales”  Worksheet -Click Here-  Please provide as much information as you can, print the worksheet and have it on hand when you call.  This will allow us to more quickly define the scope of your project.

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